The original Littlest Pet Shop Toy Line was produced by Kenner in the early 1990’s.  This line of toys looked more realistic that today’s more modern, cartoonish-looking animals. In 1994, an animated television series was made, based on the Littlest Pet Shop Toy line.

Kenner Originals

Hasbro purchased the Tonka Toy company, which included it’s Kenner division, in mid-1991.  Kenner produced this Littlest Pet Shop Line through 1996.  In 2000, Kenner’s product lines were merged with Hasbro’s toy lines, this included Littlest Pet Shop Toys.  In 2004, Hasbro released a new version of Littlest Pet Shop toys, that more closely resemble the LPS that youngsters of today would recognize.

The First Generation of Hasbro Littlest Pet Shops featured new molds, which resembled a more cartoon-like look than the earlier Kenner Pets.  These G1 Littlest Pet Shops did include color schemes that would be typically found on the pet the figure represented.  These pets were bobble-heads, except the fish, which were static.  The earliest of the Hasbro line had a Pink magnet on the bottom of the animal, cases, the Hasbro logo as well as the Year of the mold and the country of manufacture could also be found on the bottom or sometimes the back of the animal.

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The number range for pets in the first generation of Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop is #1- #456

The Second-Generation Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop toys, Were a Little bolder in terms of coloring, and overall look.  They featured a “shape” for the Iris that corresponds with its series. (the G1 LPS had a “Dot” Iris) For instance, If the pet has a Flower-Shaped Iris is belonged to the Cuddliest Pets series.  The List of Series is as follows.

Diamond-Shaped = Fanciest Pets

Flower-Shaped = Cuddliest Pets

Clover-Shaped = Littlest Pets

Sweat Drop-Shaped = Sportiest Pets

12- Pointed Star-Shaped = Happiest Pets

4- Pointed Star-Shaped = Funniest Pets

SnowFlake-Shaped = Chilliest Pets

Half Moon/Bitten Cookie-Shaped = Hungriest Pets

5- Point Star = Sassiest Pets

Heart-Shaped = Friendliest Pets

The earlier G1 Pets had a Blue/Gray Magnet underneath, and the later ones had no magnet.  The Littlest Pet Shop Generation 2 Line ranged from Numbers #460-#968

Generation Three still incorporated the bold look and colors of the G2 line, but the went back to the Dot Eye Iris of the first generation.  This generation of LPS did not have a magnet, but instead only an accessory hole on the bottom. The Numbers of Generation 3 range from #969-#2675.  Generation Three also included the release of Blythe and also The Littlest Pet Shop Fairies.

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